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                                    Gesmay's Zorro Of Freedom

                          Turk's Gallery

             Turk waiting for the next ring at Hässleholm with  Kenneth Malmström


           Turk waiting for the next ring at Strömsnäsbruk March 2014


           Turk waiting for the next ring at Hässleholm  October 2013                               


           Turk enjoying a walk with Emma in the autumn of 2011        





                         Turk's new haircut January 25th 2011        

             I do not pose!!!!!

                       OK I will look at you!!!

                Ok so I am tired after the bath....

                     Ok buddy let's play, do not be a bore!

                     Mummy, tell him to play with me!!!!

                             I still know how it is done!!!

                             What a great summer day!!

                 Turk before his new haircut 2009.......  


                         ......and after his new haircut beginning to grow into a Toilette 60



        Turk with best buddy Snus!!!


   Malin you like this pose??NO??!!

                          Malin I give up!!!

                                   Me swim? You must be joking!!!

                               Lazy? Who me?!!!

                          A true beauty on a windy day


                                              Our Prince in pose


                       OK I did as you said, where is the candy!!



                      Getting ready for the Hässleholm International Dog Show May 2007

             In the ring at Hässleholm with handler Emma Lindgren


     Having a bath.....               See the result....icewhite                .                     

                   Turk in April 2007, photo by Malin Uvemark Bunkeflostrand

Turk has passed his MH-test incl shots, October 20th  2006 at  Oskarström's Brukshundsklubb


                       Sofiero International 2006-09-09

                     Turk with handler Emma Lindgren and his prizes

                            Tvååker International 2006-07-09

                              Turk ready to go with handler Emma Lindgren

                                Turk in the ring with handler Emma Lindgren